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120 AML Practical Exercises

Control the rules relating to due diligence in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing that financial intermediaries must respect.

Advanced training for the front collaborators who must rigorously apply the contracting partner’s verification rules, identification of the beneficial owner, respectively the control persons. The training also covers exercises related to clarifying business relationships and higher-risk transactions. This training is entirely conceived from practical cases; it is enriched with 19 theoretical sheets covering all the theoretical aspects of the CBD and AMLO-FINMA useful to the front.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Questions: 120 Exercises
  • Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of CBD and OBA-FINMA to follow this training.


For banks and other financial intermediaries, our trainings are available in the form of an annual license. Our trainings are formatted in SCORM. They can be uploaded either in our LMS for access, either in our client's platforms.

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Access to our online trainings is granted upon validation of payment and for a duration of one month.

Technical requirements:
  • Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari up-to-date
  • Screen resolution higher than 1300px width
  • High speed bandwidth