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Discover the risks of cybercrime and data security to learn how to take appropriate measures of protection.

The training presents the different types of computer attacks that each employee can be the potential target. The training focuses on the rules to be followed to guard protect oneself from these attacks by using electronic messaging, visiting websites, inserting one’s password or social engineering. With this training, the bank can also cover its training obligations with respect to FINMA requests on data security of customers.


For banks and other financial intermediaries, our trainings are available in the form of an annual license. Our trainings are formatted in SCORM. They can be uploaded either in our LMS for access, either in our client's platforms.

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Access to our online trainings is granted upon validation of payment and for a duration of one month.

Technical requirements:
  • Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari up-to-date
  • Screen resolution higher than 1300px width
  • High speed bandwidth