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FATCA regime

Understand the obligations, and implications thereof, of a financial institution with respect to its compliance with the FATCA regime.

This training, composed of three modules, provides an overview of the FATCA regime. The first module focuses on due-diligence and documentation requirements pertaining to individual account holders in order to determine whether such account are held by US person. The second module covers the qualification of US and non-US entities under FATCA considering the applicable legal frameworks (Intergovernmental Agreement Model 1 and Model 2, US Treasury Regulations) and provides information as to the documentation required to be collected for such entity account holders. The third and final module outlines the withholding and reporting obligations under FATCA as well as more general compliance duties with respect to this regime.

Deloitte Switzerland and VisionCompliance have partnered to develop online trainings on tax transparency matters, including the Qualified Intermediary and Automatic Exchange of Information regimes.

  • CHF 350,00
  • 30 Days
  • Duration: 1h15 minutes
  • Exercices: 36 questions
  • Expert: Deloitte AG, Switzerland


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For banks and other financial intermediaries, our trainings are available in the form of an annual license. Our trainings are formatted in SCORM. They can be uploaded either in our LMS for access, either in our client's platforms.

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