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Risks related to crossborder activities

Discover the risks associated with cross-border activities and know how to mitigate and control these risks

The training presents the various types of risks (regulatory, civil, criminal, fiscal, financial, commercial and reputational) that the bank incurs in its cross-border activities. This training will enable the manager to identify and recognize the risks when he is in contact with his client, whether through remote communication or during a visit to the client’s country of residence. Finally, risk management at the group level will be presented, as well as the specific case of the independent asset manager.

  • CHF 69,00
  • 10 Days
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Exercises: 15 questions
  • Prerequisites: aucun


For banks and other financial intermediaries, our trainings are available in the form of an annual license. Our trainings are formatted in SCORM. They can be uploaded either in our LMS for access, either in our client's platforms.

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L'accès à nos formations est obtenue sur validation du paiement et pour la durée d'un mois.

Prérequis techniques:
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Access to our online trainings is granted upon validation of payment and for a duration of one month.

Technical requirements:
  • Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari up-to-date
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