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Bank-client confidentiality

Understand the extent of the bank-client confidentiality rules based on key situations.

The training starts with a focus on Article 47 of the Swiss Federal Act on Banks and and Saving Banks (Banking Act, BA) its material, temporal and geographical scope. It then presents the notion of client protection through different situations such as banking secrecy towards a third party, a spouse, a child, heirs or a curator.

The training also covers the banking secrecy when transmitting commercial information or in the presence of a domiciliary company. It involves the rules of conduct towards a client with legal, civil or criminal proceedings, but also during forfeiture of assets, freezing of assets or international mutual assistance.

Finally, the training covers the protection of the client against Swiss and foreign tax authorities.

  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Exercices: 27 questions
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Expert: François Larrey, Directeur VisionCompliance SA, Genève



For banks and other financial intermediaries, our trainings are available in the form of an annual license. Our trainings are formatted in SCORM. They can be uploaded either in our LMS for access, either in our client's platforms.

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