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VisionCompliance was founded in 2007 by Millicent and François Larrey, two experts in the emerging field of compliance. The company first offered bank training in banking regulation and outsourcing services, before founding in 2017 a company dedicated to outsourcing, inCompliance SA, thus allowing VisionCompliance to focus solely on financial and banking training.

Over the years, the pioneer VisionCompliance has developed its training offer to become the leading expert in banking and financial compliance training in French-speaking Switzerland and one of the leaders on a national scale. The company enjoys an excellent reputation in the banking sector, with no less than 70 banks and financial institutions placing their trust in it. VisionCompliance can rely on its network of expert trainers who help to provide the most comprehensive training offer in this field.

Passionate about sharing their knowledge and always on the lookout for new learning tools, VisionCompliance’s managers have always adopted e-learning from the very beginning, always on subjects related to financial regulation. They were the first to develop a so-called industrial approach by creating their own e-learning and then selling them under license to banks. As soon as technology allowed, VisionCompliance turned to video to develop in-house applications for interactive video production and offer online training to complement its face-to-face course offerings. The company is also committed to democratizing access to its training courses, which are now open to individuals via an online shop.

VisionCompliance has established itself as the leader in French-speaking Switzerland in financial and banking compliance training. A pioneer in this field, the company has also been a pioneer in its teaching methods, quickly adopting e-learning technologies and methods and video training, in addition to its classroom courses. Founded by two compliance specialists, VisionCompliance also benefits from a network of expert trainers that allows it to offer a complete catalogue of courses to Compliance Officers and individuals who wish to train online. Always at the forefront of banking training, VisionCompliance now offers new courses, particularly in the fields of Fintech and blockchain.

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