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Exam rules

1. Object

Participants in VisionCompliance Training Center trainings validate their training with an exam. This Regulation defines the conditions relating to these examinations.

2. VisionCompliance Training Center training exams

The VisionCompliance Training Center offers training:

  • with compulsory examination in the form of a MCQ (Diploma),
  • with optional examination (Certificate),
  • without examination.

3. Titles awarded

The VisionCompliance Training Center awards Diplomas, Certificates and Certifications.

Diplomas are reserved for training related to a banking profession while Certificates are reserved for continuing education as part of a professional development.

The certificates are issued:

  • participants of training without exam,
  • participants who have undergone optional examination and who have not wished to take the exam,
  • to candidates who failed their exams.

3.1. Diploma

To sit for the diploma examination, the candidate must not have missed more than two training periods. A training period is equivalent to a presence during a morning or an afternoon that the training lasts two hours or four hours. The attendance list signed by the participants in each course certifies the possibility of taking the diploma examination.

The price of the exam is included in the registration fee.

3.2. Certificate

Examination of the Certificate is optional. To sit for an optional examination, the candidate must have a minimum attendance rate of 75% in the course. Registration for the exam must take place no later than 10 days before the exam.

The price of the exam is CHF 300.-.

3.3. certificate

A person who does not register for an optional examination will receive a certificate of participation in the relevant training. To receive this certificate, the person must have an attendance rate of at least 75% in the course.

The candidate who fails the second session of the examination receives a certificate of participation in the training concerned.

3.4. Wording of Diplomas, Certificates and Certifications

The Diplomas, Certificates and Attestations of the Training Center contain the following elements:

  • Name of VisionCompliance (logo)
  • Title of the training and title awarded (Diploma, Certificate)
  • Title of the training (Certification)
  • Name and surname of the candidate
  • The period of the training courses
  • Date of issue of the title awarded
  • Signature of VisionCompliance Training Center Management

Each Diploma, Certificate and Attestation is accompanied by an appendix describing the training concerned.

3.5. Duplicate of a Diploma, Certificate or Certificate

Any request for a duplicate of a lost title will be charged CHF 30.-.

4. Examination session

The exam takes place in two sessions.

The Training Center sets the dates of the two exam sessions at the latest from the first day of the training. Those who register for the training must include the dates of the two exam sessions in their training schedule. No derogation is accepted to postpone his examination.

4.1. First session

The first session is a written exam in the form of multiple choice questions. Its duration is:

  • Certificate: 1h30
  • Diploma: 3h00

4.2. Second session

The second exam session is an oral exam. The candidate receives two questions and has 30 minutes to prepare. The presentation before the experts lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

5. Absence from an examination

In case of absence of last minute examination (first or second session) due to an exceptional situation, the candidate must within 5 days after the examination send to the Training Center a letter justifying his absence indicating the reasons and accompany it with a document confirming these reasons. Management remains free in its decision to accept absence on examination.

If the absence is either insufficiently substantiated or justified outside the prescribed timeframe or if the waiver is not accepted by VisionCompliance management, the examination is considered to be unsuccessful, even if the absence in question takes place during the first session.

6. Language of the examination

The statement of examination papers and questions are written in French in Geneva and in German in Zurich. In exceptional cases, this statement may include parts in English, both in Geneva and Zurich.

During the second session of the examination, the candidates answer orally in French in Geneva and in German in Zurich.

7. Documentation and auxiliary means

No documentation is allowed during the first exam session.

Documentation is allowed during the second exam session.

Computers and other electronic devices are not allowed during exams.

8. Rating and passing the exam

8.1. First session

In the first session, candidates are scored from 1 to 100.

Candidates who have obtained 60 points are exempted from attending the second examination session.

8.2. Second session

No marks or points are awarded during the second examination session. The experts evaluate whether the candidate has the required level of knowledge. The result of the exam is reported as successful or unsuccessful.

9. Fraud

Fraud during the examination or the use of unauthorized auxiliary means (mobile phones, etc.) has the effect of excluding the candidate. The exam is considered failed.

10. Information of the results

The results are communicated by email.

The results of the first session shall be communicated not later than 20 days after the examination.

The results of the second session are communicated 48 hours after the examination.

The candidate is responsible for informing his employer of the result of his examination.

When training is paid by the employer, the employer may ask the Training Center to provide him with the results of his employee and his attendance rate.

11. Examination of the tests

Only examinations that have been sanctioned by a score of less than 60 points during the first session can be consulted by appointment at the Training Center’s premises during the two months following the day of the communication of the results.

The candidate can only consult his own tests.

During the consultation, it is not possible to:

  • Make annotations on his test,
  • Obtain a copy of the test or the statement of the exam
  • Copy all or part of his test.

12. Remedies

Only examinations that have been penalized by an insufficient result may be appealed. The appeal is possible for the first session and the second session.

The appeal must be sent in writing to the Training Center within 10 working days of the day of the communication of the results. To be admissible, the appeal must be motivated. An employer can not appeal.

Two teachers from the Training Center are designated as appeal bodies. Their analysis will take into account the motivation of the appeal, the content of the appellant’s test and the comparison with the tests of the candidates who took part in the same examination session.

The appeal body shall communicate its decision within 20 working days of receipt of the appeal. The decision of the appeal body is without appeal and is not motivated.

13. Sending titles

Diplomas, Certificates or Certificates are sent to candidates within 20 days of the second examination session of the training concerned.

14. Conservation of proofs

The tests are held two months after the results are communicated to the participants. After this time, the tests are destroyed.

15. Entry into force

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 st June 2018 and applies to those who begin training after that date.


June 2018