FATCA regime

CHF350.00 TVA non incluse

Understand the obligations, and implications thereof, of a financial institution with respect to its compliance with the FATCA regime.

With your purchase of the training you get :
  • An e-learning training in the form of an interactive video
  • A downloadable course material
  • A test in the form of a quiz
  • A certificate upon successful completion of the test
After purchasing this product, you have 30 days access to training and testing. The test is considered successful with a score of 80% correct answers. In case of failure, the test can be retaken at no charge. When the test is passed, a certificate is downloadable and sent to your e-mail address.

Deloitte Switzerland and VisionCompliance have partnered to develop online trainings on tax transparency matters, including the Qualified Intermediary and Automatic Exchange of Information regimes.