SAQ Recertifications

Packages of compliance trainings certified for SAQ to support professional recertification.

Package US Tax

7 hours

2 trainings, to understand the essentials of the QI and FATCA regimes and know the documentation required to document individual and entity accounts.

SAQ – Package Tax

6 hours

2 training sessions, to understand the essential concepts of the FATCA regime (U.S. and non-U.S. entities) as well as the documentation required for these entities. Understand the mechanisms of CRS as well as the concepts of persons subject to reporting and the documentation requirements for individuals and entities.

SAQ – Package Standard

5 hours

3 essential basic training courses on regulatory compliance for any customer advisory activity in the financial and banking field with foreign customers.

SAQ – Package Global

6 hours

4 general compliance training courses on the concepts that every bank employee must master in order to behave responsibly and ensure good management of the bank’s risks.

SAQ – Package Général

6 hours

3 training courses to deepen your knowledge of the rules of conduct to be applied in your activity as an asset manager for Swiss and foreign clients.

SAQ – Package Advanced

6 hours

 4 training courses to complete your basic knowledge in the application of rules of behavior in your activities with foreign customers.

SAQ – Package Elementary

6 hours

4 formations pour connaître les principaux contrôles de 1
niveau devant
être effectués par les Conseillers à la clientèle dans le cadre de leur
activité professionnelle.
4 training sessions to learn about the main 1st level controls to be carried out by Customer Advisors in the course of their professional activity.

SAQ – Package Essential

8 hours

5 training courses to gain in-depth knowledge of anti-money laundering and risk management with foreign clients.

SAQ Re-certification

Our e-learning courses are eligible for SAQ recertification.

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Professional clients

For banks and other financial intermediaries, our SAQ packages are available as part of an annual licence. Our courses are in SCORM format. They can be integrated either in the VisionCompliance LMS or in the LMS of our clients.

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